10 Things We Will Definitely Miss About Big Fat Indian Weddings

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Indian weddings are known for big, extravagant wedding affairs with an endless number of events.

The concept of intimate weddings is really nice and gives you a room for personalization, along with saving a lot of money. But still, the beauty of having all your friends and family being a part of your wedding celebrations is something that all of us are going to miss badly.

Here are some other things that we all will miss about hosting and attending Big Fat Indian Weddings

1. Groovy Baraat Scenes

Baraat is the craziest and most entertaining part of the wedding. Right from the groom squad dancing to the relatives showering money, these groovy baraat scenes would definitely be missed at small weddings.

2. The Grand Bridal Entrance

The bride’s entrance is perhaps the most iconic and anticipated moment of the wedding ceremony. You will miss having all your closest friends and family to celebrate this joyous occasion as you walk down the aisle, towards the man of your dreams.

To do our bit, we have made you a playlist for your Intimate, home wedding.

Wedding Planner: The Purple Chair

3. Hosting a Number of Ceremonies

Every couple wants to create a unique and memorable experience not only for themselves but also for their family and friends at the wedding. And hosting a number of ceremonies in YRF style is definitely something we are going to miss big time.

4. The Stress of Planning a Big Fat Wedding

“The bigger the event is, the more stressful it’s going to be for the couple.”

You put your heart and soul into planning your dream wedding for months, and now with intimate weddings, things have changed.

Though you can still turn your small, intimate wedding into a memorable event, however, the stress would be lesser.

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5. Vast and Varied Food Spread

The love for food among Indians is unmatched and undoubtedly endless. The food at Indian weddings is more of an opulent culinary carnival, from snacks to the main course to desserts, everything ensures that it turns out to be a big hit.

This is yet another thing that we will miss about attending or hosting big fat weddings.

PS: Here are some food menu options for your intimate wedding.


6. The Huge Choreographed Group Performances

Another thing that we are definitely going to miss about big fat weddings is some dhamakedaar dance performances of the bride and her bridesmaids. In fact, it’s one of the highlights at a wedding and sets the mood of the occasion to a whole new level.


7. Getting Married in the Presence of Hundreds of People

It’s really difficult to cut short your guest list from 500 people to just 50 people, especially when all you wanted was a grand wedding with all the band baaja baraat and invite all your near and dear ones.

8. Having your Loved Ones Attend your Wedding Personally, Than Virtually

Being able to hug them and dance until you are tired is yet another thing that we are going to miss in the times of #newnormal.

9. The Beauty of Destination Weddings

While decor, outfits, and the other exciting elements are always something to look after while planning but so is the destination of the wedding.

With the restricted travel plans and the guidelines listed for weddings and events, we don’t foresee destination weddings happening at least for the next 6 months.

Decor: Altair

Photo: Magic Weavers

10. Huge Mandaps

With the fantastic setting, backdrop, and color scheme of your mandap, you can accentuate the beauty and add a wow factor to your most special day.

But with home weddings being the new trend, we are going to miss the humongous mandap designs that made us skip a heartbeat.

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