10 Things You Can Customize For Your WOW Wedding

By Sonali Vij .
The wedding season has kick-started and all couples and families alike are trying to make the most of the celebrations keeping in mind the current situation and the restrictions. 
While you have had to keep your guest-list tight, we would say that you pour your heart and mind into adding as much customization to your looks as possible. While these personalized touches make for great pictures for Instagram, some of these also leave you with memorabilia to cherish and treasure for life.
This article shall help you push the envelope to plan those “WOW” elements.

1. Bangles

Bangles are a definite accessory when you think of a bride. But now give it a slight twist by wearing a few bangles which carry your names and the wedding date. To take it a notch higher, you can even get a customized bangle box for yourself.

2. Trail or Dupatta

There is always much debate and discussion on its length but have you ever thought of getting embroidered your initials or anything special and close to the two of you? Also, trending has been couple pictures on the lehenga itself!!!

3.  Shoes

Well, though they wouldn’t be seen as you move around at your function, however, if your photographer is given a heads up- he/she shall click some amazing pictures of your shoes which can have “I Do” stuck or painted on the side facing the ground.

4. Wedding Ring

This one is for keeps and years down, just looking at it each time will surely bring a smile and lots of memories to you. Hence, go that extra mile and get your initials or wedding date etched on the inside portion!

5. Bag or Clutch

Every accessory you carry is sure to catch everyone’s attention so why not have a clutch or bag with your wedding hashtag or your initials?

Image: Love to Bag

6. Kaleeras

Gone are the days when brides would just buy any Kaleeras they got their hands on, nowadays significant homework is done to choose the most beautiful ones. As you get them customized, try, and incorporate elements that define both of you.

7. Mehendi

I know that you know that getting your husband’s name is a must but how about telling your mehendi wala bhaiya to design your love story highlighting the city where you met, what you bonded over and where you are finally getting married?

8. Chooda Covers

Yes, they look gorgeous in pictures and it is a great idea to match it up with your outfit.

9. Latkans

They are a rage! No matter which function- make sure the latkans on your outfit tell a story.

10. Brooch, Tie-pin, Cufflinks and Pocket Square

Don’t just limit all the fun elements for yourself, perhaps have any of these elements customized for your groom too!

Image: Tanvi Puri

Lastly, in the current times- do not forget to have customized masks, sanitizer bottles, and wipes for all your guests.


Edited & Published by Neha Garg Ahuja

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