This Serene & Joyous Wedding Will Tug At Your Hearts

Amit & Aditya


A bond that knows no bounds, a wedding celebration brimming with happiness and a tale of love that’s breathtakingly powerful is how we’d love to sum up this couple’s dreamy wedding in a sentence. Amit & Aditya’s wedding that’s trending all over the Internet has paved its way into people’s hearts and for all the reasons worth gushing over. Be it their intimate and tasteful wedding revelries, their story, or their wedding photos, everything about this couple marrying each other in a traditional Hindu ceremony will leave your hearts fluttering.

About The Couple

How they met

A friend’s birthday party played the cupid perfectly for Amit & Aditya three years back and they have been inseparable ever since. After a year of togetherness, they realized they loved each other and hence, came out to their parents who supported both of them with all their hearts. The couple quotes, “The support of our friends and family was important to us from the beginning. We are so fortunate to be part of families that support us no matter what the circumstance. Our friends never treated our relationship differently. From the beginning, the only thing everyone wanted to make sure was if the other PERSON was right. They wanted to make sure we were in it for the long-haul. It didn’t take much to prove our love for each other. People recognized that we were serious, and that’s what mattered.”

How they are as a couple

Both Amit and Aditya are pretty balanced in everything that they do. While they sometimes enjoy their weekends going on trails with their doggo Adam, they happily lay low and spend time at home too. They both are usually busy with work so when they get to spend alone time together, they mostly spend it watching a good movie and ordering in.

“We are both also very much into fashion and art, so we spend a lot of time coming up with ideas on our clothing line that we’ll be launching later this year”, the couple reveals.

Their proposal story

Sometimes, there is no need for a proposal and just knowing that you want to get married to someone as soon as possible and spend the rest of your life with them is all that you need. And this exactly is the story of this adorable couple as they quote, “We just knew we wanted to get married.”

The Details

The Wedding Details

They have their own wedding planning company, so planning a wedding is something that they are used to doing. Also, the couple knew they wanted a simple and intimate wedding with only their closest friends and family and boy they planned their wedding so phenomenally with everything knit to perfection! The highlight of the entire celebration though was how the couple so spectacularly coordinated their outfits for each ceremony lending their wedding a hearty, warm, and personalized touch. Glammed up by the makeup artist Anita Shah flawlessly, the couple looked a class apart. Adding further charm to the wedding are the wedding photos that are no less than a work of art captured by Charmi Pena & Paulo Salud.

The Mehndi

A fun yet relaxed mehndi ceremony hosted at their home itself officially kicked-off their wedding nuptials. They did the decor for the ceremony on their own and undoubtedly in the prettiest of ways.

Simple string lights, tikki torches, and marigold garlands were used to accentuate their beautiful backyard to create a comfy and intimate ambiance.

The Mehndi Looks

For the event, both Amit and Aditya coordinated in subtle yet classy kurtas in Angrakha style by Bohame. Amit and Aditya both complemented each other fabulously in hues of grey and black.

The Serene Wedding

Complete with puja, jaimala ceremony and the holy pheras, Amit & Aditya’s traditional wedding ceremony at a magnificent Hindu temple in New Jersey was a pure love-filled day to remember. The beauty of the temple was enough to add that magical vibe to their pheras and hence, no decor was needed.

Not just that but, the essence of having a truly traditional ceremony was highly personal to the couple. Their Instagram captions expressing that beautifully read, “We didn’t realize the impact a simple wedding at a temple would have on people around the world looking for hope. There is no secret to acceptance, tolerance, or happiness. You just have to find the right partner to take the step with. Let the truth of your love speak for itself.”

The Wedding Looks

The couple decided to twin in sartorial Anita Dongre ensembles for the day in soothing pastel hues. Done in elegant motif prints, while Amit donned a light sage Abhivira Kurta set, Aditya suited himself with an Amartya Kurta set in a salmon pink shade.

The Reception

Held at the Pondicheri in New York City, the cocktail reception was one helluva party with heartfelt speeches and unstoppable grooving feet. Ajna Jai, co-owner of the restaurant arranged for the place to be slightly decked up with local flowers further amping up the gorgeous place. The couple printed menus for each guest and made hand-written place cards.

The Reception Looks

For the party, the couple looked debonair and crisp in custom sherwanis with black kurta and trousers. They made it themselves through Amit’s company ‘Andaz Design’.

Aditya paired up his black kurta set with a purple sherwani. As for Amit, he decided to go all black with his outfit.

Unique Wedding Details

Amit recalls, “The week leading up to the wedding, our home was filled with family and friends. When the house was full and everyone was spending time together all day, it truly gave us wedding vibes. Our nieces and nephews playing with our dog and our parents bonding filled our home with so much love. These are the moments we already miss.”

The Tips

Here’s what the couple has to say:

“Every wedding is different and everyone wants something different from their wedding. For us, it was only about having our closest friends and family around and making sure we did the proper Indian rituals. In terms of everything else, we actually wanted it low-key, stress-free, and all about having fun and celebrating the moment. To anyone planning, we would say, do whatever you can to take the stress out of it. Focus on enjoying yourselves and remember that  just because someone you know has done a wedding one way, doesn’t mean you have to. For LGBTQ couples, there’s absolutely nothing different about your wedding. Follow the same rules or make your own. It’s all about you!”

Edited By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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