Thoughts Every Brother Has When His Sister is Getting Married

By Divya Arora .

Do you remember that adorable 90’s show ‘Tom & Jerry’ that we all loved watching to bits? For how both of them fought like enemies but, couldn’t live without each other and stuck together like true best friends, we feel it’s highly expressive of a brother-sister relationship.

A brother-sister relationship is too overwhelming and precious of a bond to be summarized under just a few words. This is why, we believe that as much of an emotional & difficult journey of getting married is for a bride, it is equally gut-wrenching for her brother to finally come to terms with this fact.

For that matter, he would be taking care of all his duties responsibly throughout your wedding planning and even on the wedding day without even an ounce of pain showing up on his face until it’s time for your vidaai.

Well, it’s Raksha Bandhan time ladies and to honor this priceless bond of a brother and sister, we’ve penned down some thoughts that basically every brother has when his sister is getting married. Sure he won’t let the world know of these but, now you know!

‘Is he really the right one?’
As a brother he is always going to feel insecure and protective for you and such thoughts are always going to bother him unless he’s sure of the man you’d be marrying. Thoughts like, ‘would they keep her happy?’, ‘would he take care of her?’, ‘would she be loved as we love her?’, etc., are surely going to haunt him for at least some time.‘Who am I supposed to annoy & pick fights with for no reason now?’
Annoying the hell out of each other is an underlying truth of every sibling relationship ever. And we all know that not being able to do that anymore is something that hits us all real deep.

‘God she’s too young to be getting married.’
Seeing his younger sister getting married can really get a brother worrisome because for him she’s always been a little kid and this part is where exactly it hits him she’s grown up now!

‘Who’s gonna cook for me to ease up my late night hunger pangs?’
Brothers have always had the habit of asking their sisters to make snacks for them at night when they got hungry. Now having to suffice with just chips, maggi or self cooked burnt food would dread them!

‘So who’s gonna open the door now whenever I’d get back home late?’
Let’s face it, we sisters have been doing that for ages now for our brothers— sneaking them inside whenever they turn up late or sloshed hiding it all from our parents. It’s obviously going to get harder and riskier for them now!

‘I hope I don’t break down at her vidaai!’
Her sister’s vidaai is a highly moving moment for every man out there and he secretly hopes to be able to stay strong through it without breaking down. But we all know what happens at that time in reality, right?

‘I’ll make sure her wedding is the happiest time for her & she gets whatever she wants.’
A man is always going to make sure that her sissy gets the wedding of her dreams and would go out of the way to make it all happen her way.

‘Why did I even make her cry all those times?!’
The realization that his sister is soon going to get married and leave the house affects a brother at a deep level, especially initially. He would secretly be regretting hurting you and not giving you enough time before and would now do everything to compensate for it. He’d make sure to spend as much time with you as possible even if that means becoming your driver and driving you everywhere for your preps and shopping!

‘Oh god, this home is never gonna be the same without her.’
Of course, he must have shouted at you wishing you’d marry and leave the house soon but, now that the time is here, he’d be silently wishing you could stay somehow.

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