5 Tips To Ace The Coordinated Bridesmaids Trend Flawlessly

By Divya Arora .

While a happily frolicking about bride tribe is the jaan of a wedding, a squad in coordinated outfits donning similar looks, unquestionably stand out amidst everybody grabbing all eyeballs. And while it all looks super easy to ideate and put together, it isn’t!!
Having your bridesmaids wear coordinated looks require thoughtful planning much like any other aspect of your wedding preparations. And before you get down to planning your bridal party’s look, scroll down below and take note of these things to keep in mind to nail that “coordinated bridesmaids” fad perfectly.

1. Pick The Look

The first and the foremost thing you should do is decide your bridal party’s overall look. Right from picking an outfit (that all your bridesmaids would be comfy in) to picking a color that goes with your overall theme or complements your look, be clear of how you’d like the entire tribe to look like.

2. Keep Your Options Open

Alternatively, if opting for matching outfits in the same hues gets a little difficult, go the easier way and choose either of the two. You can either have all your bridesmaids wear the same color for their distinctive outfits or have them wear the same outfits in different shades but, of a specific color palette. For instance, Shaivi’s bridesmaids wore gowns but in different shades of pastel pink and looked well coordinated.

Whereas, Sanjana chose two colors for her girlies (pastel green and lavender) and gave them their fabrics so that they could get stitched whatever outfits they wanted.

3. Custom-made Outfits

The easiest way to go about exactly same outfits is to have them all custom made from one boutique or designer. This way, no outfit would be different from the other and all those trial runs would be easier to take care of.

4. Matching Jewels & Accessories

Remember, the aim is to not just have your bridesmaids wear same outfits but, don similar looks. And the jewellery and accessories surely play a major role. Pick up same jewellery for your tribe or accessories like potli bags & clutches. If you’re a bit tight on the budget or want your girlies to wear their own jewellery as they fancy, these are the two things to keep in mind:

1. They’re wearing similar pieces and sets (for instance, neckpiece and maang tikka, earrings and bangles, only earrings etc.)

2. They’re wearing similar toned jewellery (for instance gold jewellery or silver jewellery or pearls)

5. Hair & Makeup

Have a team of hair & makeup artists doll up your lovelies on your D-day giving them matching hairdos and same makeup.

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