15+ Adorably Fun Couple Photo Ideas You Cannot Give a Miss

By Divya Arora .

Being a bride-to-be, you surely would be skimming through Instagram and Pinterest looking for some adorable couple photo ideas to save for your wedding. While the all time classic full-of-love & cutesy photos would have surely made it to your saved lists, did you bookmark some fun and playful shots too? For instance, while you both show your love for food or drinks, while you both are at your crazy best, or simply while just coolly posing and having fun?!

Well, as much of those mushy couple photos make up for an impeccable part of your wedding album, so does the super cool and joyous fun photos.
And we chalked out the best of them and compiled them here for you to save you the trouble of doing so yourself. Thank us later!

1. Picking the lady up is always a good idea.

2. And well, so is picking your man up ladies!​

3. And how about some ‘getting each other’ ready shots?

4. Well, he signed up for this!

5. A fun ring ceremony photo!

6. And some haldi fun because why not?!

Image: SDS Studio

7. Bom diggy diggy bom bom!

8. We surely didn’t mean picking him up this way but, as long as it makes up for an offbeat pose, we’re okay!

9. Quite a unique take on the classic ‘bridal dressing room shot’.

10. Just be yourself and try having as much fun posing howsoever you want!

11. Team up your cliche mehndi shots with fun ones like these.

Image: Snapsoul

12. Swag it up!

Image: Naman Verma

13. For the strong power couple.

Image: SDS Studios

14. Include props to bring about a distinctive edge.

15. Have your own personal flower shower person!

16. If you can’t get enough of his cuteness.

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