5 Foolproof Ways To Keep Guests Warm At Your Winter Wedding

By Divya Arora .

While winters are a delightfully better season to get married in, they do come with their share of inevitable weather troubles and difficulties. Be it the chilly winds, dropping temperatures, or body numbing cold, we all have been through it while at weddings.

Which is why along with planning your snug and warm winter wedding look, making sure that your guests feel comfortable and warm as well & planning accordingly is absolutely essential. After all, what’s a wedding without your loved ones being able to enjoy themselves because of their bodies shivering and teeth chattering, right?

And hence, we’ve listed down five most basic yet crucial ways that would help you in making your wedding easier and more comfy for all your guests. Take notes.

1. Type of Venue

One of the most basic ways to keep guests warm at your winter wedding is choosing a venue that’s comfortable and covered. Indoor venues are obviously a fit choice but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for outdoor venues.
Hosting day ceremonies at outdoor venues and night functions indoors would help you make the best of both worlds. If you really desire having a night time outdoor ceremony, then make sure there are ample covered areas and canopies for guests to lounge about and shield themselves from cold and chilly winds.

2. Warm & Cozy Decor

As much as the venue makes up for an essential factor to keep in mind, so does your wedding decor. It is that critical element, if planned thoughtfully, can create a cozy and warm ambiance lending more comfy vibes.
To make sure that your wedding decor not just looks warm but also feels warm, incorporate a lot of lit up elements like fairy lights, bulb strings and lamps, chandeliers, and of course candles. Actually loads of candles.
Furthermore, warm and thick fabric drapes like velvet or even fur, solid hues like reds, yellows, greens, and blues with hints of ivory or pastel hues would add that perfect blend of coziness and liveliness to the decor when of course, accompanied with fresh blooms.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

3. Bonfires & Heaters

For your nighttime outdoor wedding, setting up bonfires and huge heaters across the venue is one of the best ways. And well, who doesn’t love a little bonfire on a cold winter night, right?

4. Warm favors

While you’re planning on your wedding favors, do not forget to incorporate warm stoles, handy blankets or even hand warmers for that matter. Your guests are not only going to thank you for that but, they would also love taking home something that they can actually use further.

5. Hot drinks aplenty

Along with those delectable hot snacks and desserts, make sure to have a constant supply of hot drinks which obviously your wedding guests are going to love. Have a separate counter or a station setup that would serve hot beverages like tea, coffee, kulhad milk, hot chocolate, and even soups. Also, don’t forget to have them available during the pheras too.

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