18 Ways To Deck Up The Trees In Your Garden For Your Home Wedding

By Divya Arora .

Does your house boast of a beautiful lawn, a garden or a backyard sprawling with lush greens, pretty blooms, and gorgeous trees? And are you also planning to set up your wedding mandap right there because you want to get married at your home? Because if you are, we know how thoughtfully & ingeniously you’d be planning the wedding decor while trying to make use of the entire space without going too extra.

And while you’d be skimming through your Instagram & Pinterest looking for ways to deck up your home, we’ve got some decor ideas for that tree in your garden that towers up high! Yes, that tree (or trees) that outshines every bush in that space.

While that bedecked tree is going to be one charming sight to behold,  it will also save you a great deal of space and the need to incorporate additional decor elements. For instance, an ornamented tree can double as a photo op without you having to set up a specific photo booth. Or how about curating an open mandap setting right under the tree?

If this sounds like a plan then, scroll down below and check out some brilliant tree decor ideas for your home soiree!

1. Pompom quirk

Pompoms are a super quirky element to decorate your tree with and make it look absolutely fun and cheerful. With so many colors available in the market, right from pastels to vibrant ones, you can pick whatever color as per your theme. Furthermore, you can also incorporate other elements along with like fairy lights, marigolds, tasseled baskets, etc.

Decor: Altair

Decor: FireFlies

2. The royal opulence

We love how this tree is wrapped in fairy lights and the branches are further festooned with hanging roses and miniature bulbs. A setup like this will illuminate the whole space and of course, make up for a gorgeous photo op too.

Decor: Atisuto

3. Pep it up

And who said that your intimate home wedding cannot boast of the extravagant Rajasthani theme? Well, a regal theme like that can also be pulled off in a smaller setting and this tree decoration is worth pinning for that. Hanging a colorful mix of fabric dreamcatchers, thread tassels, puppets, and different hued marigolds is one eclectic way to do so.

4. Magic of lamps

Lamps have a surreal and dreamy vibe of their own and one can never go wrong with infusing that vibe into their wedding revelries. Perfect for a night time ceremony, having lamps hung from the tree is definitely going to make everybody go wow! In fact, you can go over the top and maybe have a few floral garlands accompany them in all their dreaminess!

5. A traditional affair

Including brass elements is one great way to add a traditional essence in your wedding decor. And this tree decor idea in one royal way to do so. Have stunning brass pieces like these hung from the tree branches and team them up with thread tassels in the hue that complements your decor!

Decor: Altair

6. Bedecked bottles

Flower decorated glass bottles have been an in-thing for a long time and their gorgeousness is the reason why this decor trend hasn’t dwindled down yet. They’re a striking blend of chic yet elegant vibe and makes up for a great way to decorate that tree in your lawn. And especially for a day soiree with sunshine around!

Decor: FireFlies

7. The charm of baskets

Whether bedecked with floral arrangements, hung with a bulb inside, or otherwise simply, cane or wicker baskets hanging from the trees are perfect for that vintage-rustic vibe. If your lawn is boasts of heavy greens then this makes up for an amazing way to deck up the trees.

Decor: Aash Studio

8. Animal Lover?

For all the animal lovers out there, this tree decor idea is super cool and of course, so out of the box. Perfect for your night pheras, these lit-up monkey installations would surely leave everybody amazed!

9. Boho-chic vibes

We are so in love with Boho themed tree decor honestly! Done in macrame hangings, and gota-lined fabric tassel garlands, such vibe is definitely going to be an eye-pleasing sight to behold.

10. The classic fairy lights

And of course, how can we miss out on the moghul of decor elements—fairy lights! Fairy lights simply fit in to any kinda themed decor and elevates the entire decor instantly. For that matter, you can never go wrong with fairy lights! Whether you simply wrap them up around the tree or have them cascading from the branches or simply throw them on the tree in a haywire manner, it is only going to look pretty and nothing less. And of course, feel free to incorporate other elements for a distinctive vibe.

11. Auspiciousness at its best

If walking down to your mandap to the tunes of a shehnai or a flute or simple classical music with the ceremony breathing in mystical vibes & traditional flowers then this is the decor to opt for. Drenched in bells, fairy lights and tuberose garlands with a faint touch of marigolds, your tree would look like a heavenly sight to behold, we bet!

12. A chandelier mix

Having whimsical floral chandeliers cascade down the tree coupled with lit-up chandeliers and miniature bulbs is a great combo. Perfect for big trees and of course evening or night pheras, the tree on your backyard is surely gonna stand there like a showstopper!

Decor: Atisuto

13. Marigolds to the rescue

Yet another way to decorate trees in a traditional way is to festoon them with marigold garlands. Whether you choose them in a single color or distinctive-hued marigolds, whether you team them up with other types of florals or include fairy lights and cascading bulbs, your trees are bound to look pretty. Period.

14. All lit up!

Have a huge lawn with an even bigger tree towering high? Go all extra and light it all up!! Wrap the entire tree in fairy lights, hang bewitching lamps from the branches and maybe even bulbs, for that matter. All lit-up elements complement each other stunningly (of course, if done right!)

15. Of pristine drapes

Having your tree ornamented in simplistic white or pastel-hued drapes looks absolutely beautiful and graceful. For a day soiree, you can further infuse sorbet-hued florals along with. And for the night time, fairy lights or lamps or chandeliers along with the drapes would clearly steal the show!

16. The origami joy

To lend a super playful and fun aura to your wedding decor, having your tree beautified with origami swan strings is a brilliant idea. Go vibrant with bright or neon shaded or go subtle with pastels, the choice is yours. To make the bedecked tree easily blend from day time to night time, add a touch of fairy lights to the tree trunk or even the branches.

17. Open mandap setting

One great way to deck up your tree and also manage the space thoughtfully is to set up an open mandap beneath it. One basic way to do that is by simply arranging the mandap setup under the tree that’s decorated with elements in a cascading manner.

Another way is to have a huge decorated mandap ceiling hung from the branches, underneath which you can have your seating arranged!

18. A photobooth

If your lawn or garden boasts of extra space then you can also have a small photo booth set up right under the tree. It’ll undoubtedly be a bewitching center of attraction for the guests!

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