Here’s Some Real Life Inspiration For Your Valentine’s Day Plans

By Divya Arora .

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’re at our chirpy best, we decided to indulge into our gossiping and curious selves a bit ‘cuz, why not?! So, we took to our Instagram to ask everybody about their plans for the day and how they’re going to spend the Valentine’s with their bub. The result? While we got all “awww” at some romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas, we also couldn’t stop laughing at some of the fun responses because, damn those single people out there!!😂

And hence, here we are, sharing some of those that caught our eye and either made our hearts flutter or tickled our funny bone! So, if you’re still looking for some V-day date ideas, scroll through these plans right away and if you’re sailing in the same boat with the other singles out there, their fun responses will surely crack you up!

Some romantic Valentine's Day date plans that everyone can take cues from!

Image: Red Veds

1. “I’m surprising my husband with a trip to a resort. It’ll be our first trip post our March 2020 wedding!”

2. “It’s a romantic zoom date with my long distance girlfriend for me.❤️

3. “Have planned a surprise dinner date at the same cafe where we had our first date. As for the day, it’s gonna be a day full of love at home and a getting ready session.😍

4. “A pizza and wine date for us it is.”

5. “Planning a romantic dinner followed by chai in a blanket with a 90’s movie!”

6. Real bride Shaweta says, “I threw a surprise anniversary-cum-valentine’s date at home for my husband this week.” She organized a lower-seating setup complete with rugs, balloons, lights, candles, flowers, desserts, and a cake.

Here's what the single people had to say about their plans!

1. “Outdoor seating, a bottle of wine, and my favorite book! #AllTheSingleLadiesSayHi 🤦‍♀️💝

2. “Ghar ko chaka chak karna. Pichle saal sabse zyada saath ussi ne nibhaya⚡🤦🏼‍♂️

3. “Not going to open my social media and would ignore all the creepy love stories.”

4. “Valentine’s Day? What’s that? It’s nothing. *silently cries in the corner*”

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