9 Lovey-Dovey Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day 2021 With Your Love

By Divya Arora .

This Valentine’s Day’s knock at our doors has left us feeling a tad bit bittersweet in our hearts because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and that’s surely going to affect the celebrations worldwide. While a lot of countries & places have lifted the restrictions and people have started stepping out and travelling, a lot of countries are still in lockdowns because of the new Coronavirus variant taking its toll.

And even though a lot of us would be able to go out on dates with our partner, so many of us would not even be able to meet our bubs. But, they say that love wins, and we at The Crimson Bride are going to make sure that you have a blast this day of love even amidst the pandemic. And hence, we’ve enlisted some ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with your partner (apart from going out for a lunch or dinner) whether you’re with them or living away from them.

So, go get scrolling, pinning your favorite ideas, and prepping up for the day!

Virtual cheers

If you’re in a long distance with your love and none of you can travel to see each other because of travelling restrictions, raise a toast to each other virtually. Get dressed and get on a video call to celebrate your love! Talk your heart out, play trivia games, and maybe even indulge into a virtual dance face-off whilst you both sip on your favorite drinks and hog your favorite food.

Picnic date at home

If going out gets you all anxious and you’d rather stay in and celebrate with your boo, then planning a day picnic or a date night at your home is a great idea. Whether you create a super romantic setup in your backyard or at your terrace or simply create a cozy seating in the room, the options are too many.

Write each other letters

Writing love letters is so underrated honestly in the recent times but believe us, it’s one of the most romantic things to do especially, in this digital world. So, get down to it, spill your feelings on paper and write them a letter.

If you’re away from them, pre-decide on sending each other a letter beforehand that you both can read on a video call on V-day! If you’re staying with them, maybe slip the letter beside their pillow so that it’s the first thing they read in the morning! Or maybe, read it to each other?

A relaxing bath

Drown all your worries in a tub of hot water infused with your favorite bubble bath and enjoy your time with your boo sipping some wine this Valentine’s Day! Make it more romantic by adding some fresh rose petals and your favorite essential oils and have some aromatic candles lift up the ambience altogether.

Weekend getaway

If travelling is an option for you two, then go take that staycation or a mini getaway to someplace where it’s just the two of you. Spend some quality time together, lay back or go all adventurous, the choice is yours.

Give each other a spa sesh

While ‘at home spa’ services are available out there and you can book one for the two of you that day, how about pampering each other to these sessions instead? Give each other a massage, maybe even a manicure and pedicure, and spend some quality time together while eating pizzas and drinking wine.

Bake & cook together

Baking or cooking is one of the best things a couple can do together because honestly, it’s a ball! If you’re staying together, cook your favorite meal and bake your favorite dessert and enjoy ’em while binge-watching your favorite movies or shows.

If you’re staying away, pre plan what all would you be cooking or baking, have your ingredients ready before the day and cook from your kitchens over a video call while talking and maybe sipping some wine?!

Take an online class

The one thing that the pandemic has given rise to is couples indulging in their hobbies and fun activities together and specifically, online! Whether it’s attending a workshop online or doing things together over a video call with each other, technology sure has brought everybody closer now more than ever before.

So, whether you’re staying together or living away from each other, pick an activity like dancing, cooking, painting, baking, mixology, resin craft, etc., and book your private slots for the day right away!

Send them gifts

If meeting them and spending time with them isn’t an option this year, then send them gifts and surprises to keep up with day’s spirits! Whether it’s something they’ve been meaning to buy for a long time now or as subtle as flowers and chocolates, don’t forget to surprise them!

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