Mother’s Day | Adorable Ways To Surprise Your Mom At Your Wedding

By Divya Arora .

It’s Mother’s Day which means it’s time for us to swing in some extra dose of mother of the bride and groom inspiration for you to take cues from. From fetching some heartwarming songs to dedicate to your mom and outfit ideas for her to celebrating this day in the middle of the pandemic, we’ve done it all and we’ve got some more.

Ideating you with probably the most adorable mother-daughter inspiration of all times, we’ve chalked out some great ways for you to honor and surprise your mom at your wedding. Mothers deserve the world and you doing something special for her on your big day is just one of the many ways to thank her and show her how much you love her.

So get scrolling and taking notes ‘cuz we promise these ideas, when incorporated, will have her melting!

Walk down the aisle with her

Your mom has been your pillar of strength throughout your life and will continue to be so until the very end. She’s always been by your side no matter what and it’s only befitting that she leads you towards your new beginnings as well. Walking you down the aisle would not only mean the world to her but, it’ll also be one of the most special moments of her life that she’d cherish always.

Use her talents and hobbies

If your mom has a special skill or a hobby, how about using it to add a personalized touch to your wedding? For instance, if she’s into art & craft, have her DIY a small part of the decor or if she’s into crocheting or resin art or something similar, have her curate favors that you can give to your guests. If graphic designing is her forte, maybe have her design your invitation cards or signages for the decor? The options are endless brideys! Use her talent to make your wedding more meaningful and also because she’s going to love it.

P.S. Jump in and help her along so that she isn’t burdened with the work. Believe us, you’re going to have so much fun together all the while making memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. And that too right before your wedding when all you’d be desiring is to make the most of every moment that you can spend with her.

Incorporate her bridal outfits in yours

One of the best ways to honor your mom at your wedding is to re-wear her bridal outfit at your revelries. Be it the dupatta, her lehenga skirt, or the entire piece for that matter, re-style it for your ceremonies and we promise she wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off you. For instance, while we spotted a bride wearing her mum’s wedding dupatta for her chooda ceremony, real bride Tanvi re-wore her mother’s wedding lehenga skirt for her pooja. She teamed up the skirt with a contemporary wrap top and pulled off a minimal look. Another bride Sameeha, revamped her mum’s old silk saree into a pleated skirt with an attached drape which she paired with a floral embroidered blouse.

Wear her jewellery

Another alternative to re-wearing her wedding outfit is to wear her wedding jewellery at one of your ceremonies or mix and match those pieces with yours. Adding an element from your mum’s wedding into your own is only bound to make your wedding more special and not just for you but, for your mom as well. Besides, heirloom jewellery has a charm and timelessness of its own that’s simply unmatched!

Some inspo from real bride

While skimming through our feeds, we came across a bride who planned a surprise for her mother and it had us majorly swooning! For her chooda ceremony, not only did bride Vani incorporated her mum’s 32 years old wedding dupatta into her look, she also had her wedding portrait used as the ceremony backdrop. She had been planning this surprise for her for quite a long time and when the day came, it surely swept her mom off her feet.

Prepare a surprise dance performance or speech

While we all plan dance performances with our parents for our sangeet night, how about going an extra mile and dedicating a surprise performance or an act or a speech to her? Also, have your dad and siblings join in and we bet, it would make for one of the best memories of her life that she’d reminisce over and over again.

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