Top 31 Wedding Album Designs in 2020

By Carryl Fernandes .

Weddings are one of the most important days in anyone’s life as it has strings of happy memories and people attached to it. A wedding album is a keepsake of that day with a collection of your special memories. Therefore, when it comes to a wedding album design, you deserve nothing but only the best.

A wedding album preserves a series of all the events that took place on your big day and lets you relive those moments every time you flip through the album. Wedding album designs have truly evolved through the years from old school scrapbooks to heavy and bulky albums and to now having digitally printed pictures on glossy and lightweight plastic sheets. Wedding album designs have come a long way.

Nowadays, wedding albums are also known as coffee table books and couples often make it even more interesting by adding quirky ideas and themes to their wedding album design. 

A wedding album also translates all the fun and the emotions of your wedding into beautiful pictures. So think of your wedding album as a record of your big day and only pick images that you would always want to relive. Pick up all your favourite pictures and bind them up in a wedding album that you can always showoff. 

Deciding on a special way to keep those memories in the form of pictures safe is always a tough decision among most couples. While it takes a lot of planning for the couple, it also takes equal effort by the photographer in capturing those moments. Hence, to ease your burden we are here to narrow down on the most magnificent wedding album design for you.

A wedding album can be designed in numerous ways and sizes based on your choice and preferences. Check out these 26 wedding album designs below and choose the best and unique one that speaks about you and your partner the best.

These are some of the latest wedding album designs that we love!

1. A Woody Finish

A wood finish album like this one looks so delightful and classy. It is something that is a budding trend and we absolutely recommend this for couples who want to keep it classic. 

2. Beautiful In White

We are totally crushing over this elegant white cover wedding album. So simple yet so soothing. You can also personalise a little with your wedding date printed on the cover page along with your favourite couple photograph. 

3. A Hint Of Cherry To Your Wedding Album

A cherry coloured hardcover on your wedding album is so easy on the eye. With the colour itself being so beautiful you don’t really need to do much. We love this combination of cherry red and black as it just so well together.

4. A Blend Of Chocolate & Orange

A chocolate coloured hardboard with a tint of orange looks so appealing. A mix of two very contrast colours that blend in so well together. You do not need to opt for anything that is very OTT as simple things give the best vibe always.  

5. Trendy Rose Gold Wedding Album

This wedding album has got us jaw-dropped. The colour rose gold created a big hype over the internet as people went gaga over how beautiful it looked. Rose gold would never go out of fashion. Such a stunning and royal colour. With the colour stealing the whole show, the couple made a smart decision by not doing too much on the front cover of the wedding album.

6. Earthiness Of Jute

This wedding album has a beautiful jute outer cover and we so love the touch of the peach around it along with the couple’s name and wedding day embossed in rose gold on top. Were you also looking at something like this? Bookmark this and show your photographer or designer to take inspiration from this picture.

7. A Spiral Affair

Spiral binding has always been the traditional way to create an album. The best part of the spiral binding is that it is so easy to flip through pages without much effort and this isn’t the case with most of the other designs. This type of wedding album design would something so different than the ones you regularly see.

8. Try Something Lacey

If you think that the designs above may tend to become a little too heavy then here is a wedding album design that is light and sassy. You can use the lace even inside the album and not just on the outside cover. Customise and choose colours as per your preference and wedding theme. 

Image: Live Master

9. Go Vintage With Leather

When you think of anything vintage, one thing that will always cross your mind is leather. They go hand in hand. This wedding album design has a gorgeous photo of the couple in the middle of the front cover. Is thing something that suits your choice?

10. Monochrome Hues

Black and white look incredibly great when paired together. A wedding album design like this is so different and beautiful. We absolutely love the picture that has covered the front cover of the album along with the couple’s name and wedding date to either side of the album.

Image: Etsy

11. Combination Of Raw Silk & Embroidery

If you are on a hunt for something that is minimal then a design like his is apt for you. The embroidery on the cover of this wedding album looks just flawless. You can even customize it further as per your choice. 

12. Splash Of Colours

Choosing the perfect cover page design for your wedding album is utterly important and a cover page like this looks absolutely chic. This design with such a subtle and colorful background along with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date and a few hearts and you’re good to go!

13. Simplicity At Its Best

Whoever thought that something so simple could look so stunning. This flat lay wedding album design is just designed with a black raw silk outer cover along with something cute embroidered on top of it. We absolutely find this so subtle and soothing. Colours can be chosen as per your preference as there is no right and wrong over there.

14. Size Of The Album

The first and foremost thing when you start with your wedding album design planning, decide on the size of the album that you are looking out for. In today’s time, there are various sizes available with designers or photographers. For example, 8×8 or 12×12 and nowadays there is a lot of demand for even 11×14. Pick a size that suits you best but remember that bigger the album size, more the cost for it.

15. Collage Of Your Favourite Pictures

A collage of all your best shots and moments on one page of your wedding album will be perfect to the T. this wedding album layout is a must-do in your wedding album while designing it.

16. Love For Fuchsia Pink

We love this fuchsia pink hardcover over this wedding album and we are sure that you would love it too. Something so simple but what makes it different is the colour that is chosen. Think out of the box and pick a colour that will never go out of trend and also look evergreen.

17. A Bridal Portrait Spread Across Two Pages

This has to be #bridalgoals. This bride is making us all go wow. We love the idea of designing your wedding album to include more pictures of you and your better half as it is an album that represents you’ll. Having your bridal portrait spread across two pages in your wedding album will be a fabulous idea. What do you think?

18. Arrange Your Pictures

Once you have decided on your cover design and a theme, the next thing you need to do is arrange your pictures. Segment the pictures from pre-wedding functions to the wedding and lastly the reception. This may seem tedious but it is a necessary one. Remember to only choose the best pictures out of the lot.

19. Floral Bloom

Do you love florals as much as we do? If yes, take inspiration from this wedding album design. Florals have always been in vogue and lately, a lot of couples include floral design in their wedding invites, wedding album, decor, etc. With a cover page like this you do not need to do much, just have the couples name and wedding date printed or embossed and your good to go.

20. A Mix Of Only The Best

Gather all your favourite pictures of you and your better half and make a collage of it and use it as your cover page of your wedding album. This will be something unique but will look so dreamy.

21. Include Your Best Photographs

Select and remember to add only your best shots in your wedding album. It will enhance the whole look of it. Narrow down on pictures that elucidate the events of your big day. Stick to pictures that represent you and that will let you relive those moments whenever you see your album in the coming years.

22. A Cover Page Like This!

Confused over what the first page of your wedding album should look like? A couple photograph like this will definitely do wonders as your cover page. Add your wedding date at the side and then let the picture do all the talking.

23. A Little Bit Of Quirkiness As Well

Why miss out on adding a layout of all your fun pictures clicked before your big day in your wedding album. Pick multiple pictures and add them to your album. Who doesn’t like a hint of quirkiness?

24. Something Hatke!

While design your perfect wedding album, don’t miss out on including all the special and quirky moments that would have been shot before your wedding for your pre-wedding shoot or for the wedding. Later, down the years these images would definitely bring back all old stories and make you and your partner giggle. 

Image: Sam & Ekta

25. Black & White

We all surely have a special liking for these black and white photographs. There is something special about how these pictures look when in monochrome. Why not have some monochromatic pictures included while designing your wedding album? We are sure you will fall in love with those pictures every time you see it in your album.

26. Images From Your Proposal Or Pre-Wedding Shoot

Loved the pictures from your proposal or pre-wedding shoot? Gather those images and include all those best shots from the shoot and put them in your album. We are sure you would love to go back and looking at those images. 

27. A Mix Of Coloured And Black & White

A contrast of black and white photographs along with some coloured photographs around it looks mesmerizing. Don’t they? The combination and balance between both make the outcome look so good. Something like this has started only in the recent years and a lot of couples are trying something like this while designing their wedding album. Would you also like to go for something like this?

Image: INKED

28. A Caricature Of You Two

We are crushing over this extremely cute caricature of the bride and groom. Something like this looks so exciting and different from the usual front covers that we keep seeing with just the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. Caricatures are also very much in trend when it comes to wedding invites. It gives wedding invites and wedding albums a very personalized look. Get a caricature for yourself and your partner and have it printed on the front cover of your wedding album along with your names and wedding dates. We are sure that you would be showered with compliments by whoever sees it.

29. The Paper Of The Album

The type of paper you choose for your wedding album is also something important to consider. Go for a matte finish paper or a glossy one as per your preference. Albums with matte finish paper look very sharp and crisp and are also resilient to fingerprints. This type of paper also happens to be the ideal pick among photographers. 

The other option is to go for a glossy finish paper. While we don’t recommend this paper much as it’s easy to get fingerprints on this paper. Another option to go for is a lustre paper which is a combination of matte paper and gloss paper. With this, you will have the best of both. 

30. Decide On A Cover Design And A Theme

Deciding on the cover design is another tip to get a gorgeous wedding album. The most common wedding album covers are made of a material that includes suede, silk, and leather. You can choose from these or maybe even customise your own wedding album cover design. 

31. Happily Ever After

Don’t pictures like these make the perfect last page for your wedding album? We totally recommend a picture like this one spread across two pages for the last page of your wedding album. Do let your photographer know your ideas well in advance so that he keeps them in mind while shooting the events and also when designing the album.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Selecting The Best Wedding Album Design For Your Wedding

It is never too early to start planning your wedding album design. Yes, your wedding album design does require a lot of planning as well. It is quite an intimidating task to decide on a particular design, theme, etc and can take you very long as well. Hence, to simplify it out a little ensure to keep the below tips in mind. Scroll below and get some helpful ideas.


Your wedding album is no less than a keepsake or a digital representation of your special day that will stay with you all life long. The wedding day passes by in a flash and most of the couples miss out on living in the moment and enjoying it. It is your wedding album that will always make you feel nostalgic. Design it in a way that you would always relive and cherish those moments whenever you’re browsing through the album. Invest some time and design your wedding album in the best possible way. 


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