51 Creative Wedding Hashtag Ideas For Your Special Day

By Divya Arora .

The wedding industry witnesses umpteen trends every year, in fact, every season. And while some of them dwindle down in a matter of weeks, some of them end up winning hearts making a place for themselves for ever. One such trend that has conquered time and space quite literally, subsequently becoming an imperative part of weddings is that of the wedding hashtags.
Aptly referred as a telltale of a couple’s journey and/or their wedding shenanigans, hashtags personalize a wedding in a way that no other element can. Showered with so much love, wedding hashtags are “the thing” for reasons more than one.
While a hashtag flaunts the couple’s tale, it can also be used to further personalize other wedding elements like the decor, the mehndi designs, outfits & accessories, and favors. And no, this doesn’t stop here. Using that wedding hashtag on social media helps keep a track of all the photos of your wedding that everyone took while reveling in the celebrations. And not to forget how your wedding might end up trending over the social media platforms because of it.

Best Wedding Hashtags

While some couples curate simple wedding hashtags using their names, surnames, initials or dates, some couples prefer taking a plunge into their humorous and witty creative sides. Nevertheless, if you’re soon getting married and looking for some of the best wedding hashtag inspiration then scroll down below.
For how we’ve enlisted here some of the trending wedding hashtags for you and also help you with a few hacks to create your own, you in fact wouldn’t even want to stop scrolling.

1. #NeevGotTanned

Tanya Vohra & Neev Ahuja’s both roka ceremony and the wedding shenanigans were oozing with some major wedding inspiration be it their looks or their décor. And while it all took the internet by a storm, their wedding hashtag wooed us too. It’s unique and most definitely one of the trending wedding hashtags ever!

2. #RaunGetsRheal

Raunaq and Rhea tied the knot just this year and it was only recently that their wedding photos surfaced on Instagram leaving everybody completely swooned over. The duo so flamboyant and adorable together and quite apparently, their wedding hashtag is equally catchy. For how their names fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle, this couldn’t have gotten anymore real.

3. #KhattaMitta

And who said that your wedding hashtag can only be curated with your first names?! It can also be an all surname one and this one right here is surely one of the quirkiest Indian wedding hashtags. The duo’s names i.e., Smiti Mittal and Nilesh Khatwani quite easily explain their hashtag, isn’t it?

Image: Sam & Ekta

4. #IsntItJASROMAntic

A romantic tale deserves an equally romantic wedding hashtag and something exactly like that happened for Roma and Jaskaran. For how the names Jas and Roma came together to form the word ‘romantic’, we absolutely believe that #ItIsJASRomantic!

Image: Sam & Ekta

5. #AnissaMaanGayi

When Armaan Jain proposed to his girlfriend (now wife) Anissa Malhotra and she said yes, their wedding hashtag literally summed it all. While the proposal and their grand wedding shenanigans equally left us spellbound, their hashtag ended up becoming one of the most trending wedding hashtags!

6. #ButterChickenWithBhujia

For Prasoon’s love for Butter Chicken and for how Sanchita hails from Bikaner that’s famous for Bhujia this wedding hashtag is without a doubt one of the best ones.

7. #HansUpForSrk

While Hanna and Shahrukh would be soon tying the knot and we can’t wait to witness the celebration it’s going to be, their hashtag has already won hearts. It’s super decent and so clearly depicts how the two are ready for their future together.

8. #TTKiSweety

When Tarun Takhtani married Namrata, we couldn’t take our eyes off their whimsical soiree. Be it the surreal décor, the voguish looks, or their mushiness, everything struck a chord with our hearts. Even their wedding hashtag that unmissably sounds the sweetest Indian wedding hashtag.

9. #SanjPickedABeri

Getting hitched in a gorgeous ceremony and stylish outfits, Sanjana Batra and Awral Beri’s wedding was showered with truckloads of love and awestruck gasps. And so was their unique wedding hashtag. The wordplay here with the term Beri (berry) is quite admirable.

10. #ItTook10

Your wedding hashtag needn’t always be all about your names only. Sometimes they are symbolic of your love and your journey together and that’s equally adorable because after all, it’s about the two of you. It took 10 years of ups and downs, the joy and tears, and choosing each other every single day for Benaisha and Yash to get to the point of tying the knot and hence, a wedding hashtag that sums it up perfectly!

Image: Naman Verma

11. #Nickyanka

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding hashtag is one of the most trending wedding hashtags ever! In fact, Nickyanka is more than a mere hashtag. It’s a phenomenon that speaks of the two of them as one. Quite metaphoric to ‘two bodies one soul’, is it?

12. #TheSambaWedding

Sanjana & Amrit’s larger than life wedding soiree hosted in Bali was one extravagant affair that was talked about for months (still is). Called #TheSambaWedding, while the hashtag was a smart wordplay, the wedding also witnessed a special samba night and favela that welcomed the guests in classic Brazilian style with Samba dancers, feathers, and glam.

13. #SuperSoNik

Famous designer Sonaakshi Raaj recently got married to Nikhil Merani is nuptials oozing with love and style. With Sonaakshi’s ‘So’ and Nikhil’s ‘Nik’ creating an upbeat name that’s perfectly prefixed, their hashtag is one superbly offbeat one.

14. #DrewGotRich

Andrew and Riccha got hitched in a whimsical setting and their wedding hashtag is quite explanatory of the fact that Andrew found his actual treasure when he found Riccha.

15. #AkiGetsModyfied

A wedding hashtag can be curated in multiple ways and using any term that resonates with your story. With Aakriti getting married into the Mody family, this wedding hashtag couldn’t get any more suitable than this.

16. #JasLeanOnJosh

Making up for one of the best wedding hashtags, #JasLeanOnJosh is such a happening intermix of the duo’s names—Jasleen and Joshua. Who would have thought of that, right?

17. #ThePaprikaWedding

This gorgeous Udaipur wedding of Priyanka and Parth saw revelries brimming with love and life. Whereas, the couple’s hashtag is unquestionably one of the best wedding hashtags. What an edgy and distinctive hashtag for such Indian names! Wow!

18. #Neehaar

Neeti Mohan & Nihaar Pandya’s hashtag is as poetic as their beautiful love story. A hashtag that’s a name and holds a meaning in itself, this Indian wedding hashtag is simply too adorable.

19. #KhoslaFoundHerGhosla

A rather fun and out of the box wedding hashtag, Ishita Khosla and Neeraj Ailsinghani’s hashtag is sure to tickle your humor bone leaving you amazed at the wit.

20. #Virushka

Yet another trending wedding hashtag that gives us all sorts of butterflies, Virat and Anushka’s names entwine so gracefully to coin this hashtag.

Source: Virat Kohli

21. #DrishDeepInLove

When Clavin Harris & Disciples asked the world “How deep is your love”, Drishti and Deepak took it quite literally and bewitched us with their mushy hashtag. This Indian wedding hashtag is heartily expressive of the love that the couple shares.

22. #ShahDiraju

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju’s tale of love is beyond words can express. And for as dreamy as their love is their hashtag is just as simple & decent created using just their surnames.

23. #RanAwayToThailand

And who said you can’t have your hashtag made with your wedding’s destination? Believe us, your wedding hashtag could literally be anything. Take cues from Viren and Kena here, who had a destination wedding in Thailand and that’s exactly what their hashtag was all about.

24. #NoBhattiElseButGrewal

When Shania Bhatti chose Arvind Grewal for life and beyond, she made sure to tell the world about it. She made sure to scream it to the world through her wedding hashtag saying that it’s nobody else but Arvind.

25. #Kabanng

While Outhouse Jewellery co-founder Kaabia Grewal and Rushang’s wedding celebration was one eclectic and unique party with a distinctive edge, their wedding hashtag too resonated with a similar vibe. Making up for one of the most trending wedding hashtags, #kabanng undoubtedly satiates our desire for new!

Image: Naman Verma

26. #Deepveer

And of course, how can we ever miss out on everybody’s favorite couple #deepveer. B-town’s most adorable couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s hashtag is equally simplistic yet cute.

27. #AniKiAni

Scoring high on the mushy factor, Anisa and Aniket’s hashtag is probably one of the cutest Indian wedding hashtags simply for how it sounds. Also, did you realize how this also makes up for a great example of a Palindrome?

28. #ShaiviWonAnOscar

Shaivi sure knew that having a man like Oscar for life is no less than winning an Oscar award and well, that’s exactly what this hashtag says.

29. #UrjaJeetGayi

Urja and Jeet’s hashtag makes up for one adorable Indian wedding hashtag simply for how the couple’s names are befitting without having to mould them.

Image: Dotdusk

30. #LuvShuvTeyGakharKhurana

Owing it to a movie title “Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana”, this hashtag is surely one witty wedding hashtag tbh. For how Ishaan Gakhar and Srishti Khurana’s surnames somehow fit exceptionally in the title, we literally can’t think of a better hashtag for the couple than this.

Image: Fotowalle

31. #SimRanToKarl

It’s not always that a Simran would only have a Raj to run to. This Simran ran to her Karl giving us a hashtag that’s one of the cheesiest wedding hashtags that we adore to bits.

32. #JasinderMoment

Life is all about moments and a wedding specifically that one big moment that a person cherishes for a lifetime. To make that moment more memorable, Jaskirat and Sujinder started off by creating a hashtag that’s a moment in itself.

33. #SkySquared2019

Sometimes your wedding hashtag’s got to be out of the box and need not necessarily be all about names. Such was the wedding hashtag of Gaganpreet and Akaash—edgy and offbeat.

Image: Zohaib Ali

34. #AaliyAatef

If you feel that going fancy with your wedding hashtag is a must then, believe us, it is not. Sometimes, a hashtag as simple as joining just your first names looks and sounds beautiful. And what better example than Aaliya & Aatef’s hashtag!

35. #SeeTeeBajao

Oftentimes, couples end up making wedding hashtags that actually blow our minds away. For example, Seerat & Prateek turned into #SeeTeeBajao and we can’t help wondering how would they have probably come up with this!

Outfit: Seeaash

36. #SanaKaWish

Sana and Kaveesha’s wedding hashtag is such a beautiful wedding hashtag because surely he was her wish that came true!

Image: Zohaib Ali

37. #KarenKashedOut

Wordplay so fun and smart, it’s bound to leave you stunned. Karen and Aakash’s hashtag is surely one of the best wedding hashtags that we’ve come across.

38. #SaifGotHansy

Saif and Hanna’s wedding soiree was a delightful treat for the eyes and heart and equally adorable was their wedding hashtag that made us go “awww!”

39. #ShikGotHerTan

While Shikha and Tanay’s Sri Lankan wedding was a unique extravaganza to witness, their wedding hashtag was the classic blend that’s super impressive!

40. #FalgunKiJan

For as hearty and warm Janki and Falgun’s wedding celebrations were, their wedding hashtag is one of the most heartwarming India wedding hashtag that’ll make you go weak in the knees.

41. #MadOverTush

Madhulika and Tushant’s hashtag is such an adorable take on the all consuming and all pervasive love.

42. #ShaunSharmaGaya

Pratishtha and Shaun’s dreamy wedding soiree had struck a chord with our hearts and so did their cutesy hashtag that’s and adorable mix of their names.

43. #GitsOnTheRun

A pretty hep wedding hashtag for Geetika and Varun’s wedding, we can’t help but go berserk at the offbeat edge of this hashtag.

44. #DaffyKoIshqHua

Isha Multani and Ronak Daftary’s wedding literally took the internet by a storm with the couple’s love-filled ceremonies and their tasteful looks. And along with, their hashtag ended up becoming one of the trending wedding hashtags that kept people glued to their feeds.

Image: Sam & Ekta

45. #Ghruving

An uber cool intermix of Dhruv and Gurbani, this surely is one of the most distinctive wedding hashtags. The pun intended here has surely gotten us all grooving!

46. #IshqGunnaHai

When the names Ishdeep and Guntas infused together, the resultant hashtag left us all mesmerized at how two unique names can mingle together so perfectly.

47. #SidTanClan

Tanvi Puri and Sidhant Kalra’s wedding hashtag is quite inclusive of their entire clan because “everybody is in this together!”

48. #HarkGotHisMani

Hark and Mani would be soon tying the knot and as adorable we find this couple, we’re equally swooned over by their simplistic yet love filled wedding hashtag.

49. #RashiGotYogeshed

Rashi and Yogesh’s wedding hashtag is super simple yet expressive of their union and the love they share.

50. #MishankaGoBollywood

For how Priyanka and Mish went all quirky and out there with their wedding hashtag, we can’t help but openly root for it. And of course, also because, Bollywood! 😉

51. #LaliGetsLucky

Lalima and Sid’s wedding hashtag is basically indicative of how one is lucky if they find love. What makes this hashtag doubly smart is the fact that Sid’s nickname is Lucky. Bowled over by that intended pun, right?

Image: Shutterdown

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Wedding Hashtags

1. Gather Information
Before you sit down to making the best wedding hashtag for yourself, jot down all the things that are useful. For instance, your full names, nicknames, your wedding date, other important dates or milestones of your relationship, your wedding destination, the theme of your wedding etc. It’s exactly all of these things that you make your wedding hashtag out of.

2. Let Creativity Flow
Now that you have all the required information, let the ideas flow. Irrelevant of how funny or bad they might sound, keep writing them down for you never know how and when an idea might flourish from these ones. Also, take help from your family and friends as well. Ask them to send in their ideas as well and make a note of that too.

3. Tickle Your Punny Bone
Now, a wedding hashtag could simply be your names put together, a fancy one including other elements too, or a witty one. So while making your wedding hashtag, try using rhyming words or synonyms, or puns and try making your hashtag a bit phrasal. For instance, Jasleen and Joshua’s hashtag was JasLeanOnJosh. See what they did there? While this would add fun and humor to your hashtag, such smart wordplay is also gonna make it much more memorable and distinctive.

4. Shortlisting Time
When you’re done creating a lot of hashtags it’s time you start shortlisting all the probable ones that makes the most sense to you. Try bringing down the list to your top five favorites.

5. Research
If you’ve curated a hashtag that’s a sure shot unique and never done before one then go ahead and start promoting it ASAP! And as for others, now that you have a few final hashtags ready, it’s time you begin your research on various social media platforms to see if those hashtags have been used before. Honestly, there’s no point of choosing a common or already used hashtag for your wedding. So checking up on the uniqueness of your wedding hashtag is a must.

Planner: DreamzKrraft

Now that you know how to make one of the best wedding hashtags for your wedding and have also went through some amazing examples go get making a crazy one! And also, don’t forget to tell us what did you finally make!

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