Top 15 Wedding Photographers in Toronto, Canada

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Photography is an important segment when it comes to weddings. Weddings are incomplete without poses, relatives’ shots with the bride and groom, the bridal party, and the never-ending moments that are captured in photos. It’s a big day for the couple who is getting married and when it is their D-day, they want everything to be picture perfect.

Wedding photography is not just any normal camera and any random person capturing it. It is an art. It takes a lot of practice and precision. It is a style statement of a photographer who very artistically takes those special shots which we call candid. A wedding photographer captures the moments, the emotions behind every click. For instance, he has to capture the bride’s mother who is all emotional, her father who is trying to hide his tears as he won’t see his daughter the very next day. Not only this, a wedding photographer recreates your courtship period with your beau. He adds life to your special occasions.

Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto

Toronto weddings are considered happening because of the skills of the talented wedding photographers. Most of the couples who are born and brought up here, prefer to spend the most on the best wedding photographers. With these suggestions, you can check out the best wedding photographers in Toronto or say Greater Toronto Area. These photographers are A-listed and even celebrities want to hire them for their special day. 

1. Purple Tree Wedding Photography

It is a Toronto based wedding photography company that is known for its excellent photoshoots. They are detail-oriented and great with their work goals. They go with the mantra of spreading love everywhere with their artistic skills. They provide their services outside of Toronto as well. Also, it is an Award-Winning Photography Studio.

2. Mango Studios

Mango Studios consists of a team of wedding photographers in Downtown Toronto, USA, Miami, etc. They have a unique story behind this venture. Mo and Nancy Govindji gave birth to Mango. They are a couple and their unconventional relationship makes this team incredible. They are an award-winning wedding photographers and have got themselves published in various magazines like Toronto Life and others. They value relationships, moments, love, and laughter.

3. Tirath Shergill Photography

Tirath Shergill is a Wedding Photographer based in Toronto and captures the most iconic moments of the couples. She covers all kinds of wedding photographs and self-portraits in GTA.

4. I Nav Photography

I Nav Photography has a team of three members Nav, Gurleen, and Bhav who are enthusiastic photographers. They are not only great photographers but storytellers and filmmakers who can add life to your wedding. They are basically based in Surrey but, cover events all over Canada including the GTA area specifically. The team believes in capturing moments by discovering nature. Their photography has natural elements which make their work unique. They like to shoot in secluded valleys, mountains, snow, parks, etc. They are available on Instagram and people have showered their love in the form of 10.5K followers.

Photo: I Nav Photo

5. Impressions by Annuj

Annuj Yoganathan is the top influential wedding photographer in Toronto. He has shot weddings across the world including some Tamil weddings. In his shots, he has beautifully caught the traditional touch of the wedding. Not only has he portrayed the traditions but also the hidden stories behind them. With every shot, you will see the story that gives life to those still photos. Despite being an accountant, he pursued his dream of being a photographer; he was the proud Tamilian to come under the top 30 under 30 photographers in the Canada category. He has won many awards and contests.

Photo: Cafa Photo

6. DivineMethod Photography

Siva Haran is the man behind DivineMethod Photography. He is a one-man army behind this creativity and comes under the top 10 wedding photographers in the world category. He is passionate about his photography skills. He has been doing this since 2007 and strongly believes in capturing the moments.

7. EM Photography

Muguntan Sunaran is currently based in Toronto and is known for his popularity over Instagram. Well, he is the proud achiever of 8-lifetime fearless awards. He has 1 honorable mention and his 1 couple Hamsa and Jehan got featured. He is a man of quality as his work shows his skills clearly. He is focused on his venture EM Photography and dreams to make it popular worldwide.

8. 5ive15ifteen Photo Company

5ive15ifteen is a quirky name for a wedding photography company. It is the brainchild of Mike Caringi, who has been fascinated by weddings since childhood. He has 20 years of experience in this field. His wonder lies in bringing stories to life with his captures. He has a dynamic team of 7 assistant photographers who are equally passionate about making your day worth remembering by using their signature editorial and photojournalistic style. They have a boutique-styled workplace that is cool and relaxed. Mike’s team thrives to give the best client experience and that is why they are the most acknowledged team on Instagram.

9. Plum Pictures

They are a team of photographers and cinematographers who are conquering the hearts of Torontonians with their photography. They understand the concept of weddings more closely and always add the wow factor in their work. They add a beautiful story so that your D-day is memorable. They are the hot talks of the Brampton area. You can find them on Instagram and see their craftsmanship yourself.

10. Shot by Kismet

Shot by Kismet is a venture by a team of talented photographers, storytellers, creative directors, and travelers. Their wonder lies in fine art photography and wedding photography.  They are versatile photographers who not only do wedding shoots but also family shoots and are into photography as well. They are known for their excellent quality and you can reach them on Instagram. They shoot worldwide which increases their demand in many countries.

11. Amrita Singh Photography

Amrita Singh is one of the most appreciated wedding photographers in Canada. She not only covers weddings but also does corporate/editorial shoots and fine art portraiture. Recently she did a photo shoot for the famous poet, Rupi Kaur for her recent book Home Body. She considers photography as an art and believes in capturing emotions and the story they feel behind them. She is available on Instagram and always comes up with unique ideas and themes for her projects.

12. Revos Photos

Vince Revo is the Creative Director of Revos Photos. He specializes in three categories i.e., headshots, weddings, family portraits. He is a graduate of the New York Film Academy and The New York Institute of Photography. He loves his work and strives to create timeless moments for his clients. He has won various awards like Fearless, Weddison, Revolutionary. His Instagram account shows his huge fan following.

13. Samantha Ong Photography

Samantha Ong Photography is known for romance, whimsical vibe, and timelessness. They are Toronto based photography and videography vendors. They can make your important day remarkable as their work has freshness and that aesthetic factor that adds uniqueness. They are also available in other countries and try to give the royal treatment.

14. Amrit Photography

It is a team of photographers who are known for their editorial, photo-journalistic, and timeless feel in their work. They are passionate about photography and want to change the traditional way of Photography in India. They make your wedding special by adding elements of class, passion, and aesthetics. People are in awe of their Instagram handle. They have been awarded for their group masterpiece shots. The specialty of their photography is that they mention their awards and also, they share their technique as well. This style makes them stand out from the list of other photographers.

15. Adnan Ansah Photography

Adnan Ansah photography depends on the thought process of evocative emotions, timelessness, and beauty. Adnan is a hopeless romantic who believes in being a visual storyteller. He is based in Toronto but also shoots in other countries. He expresses herself through pictures and his colorful website clearly shows that. He wants to capture the emotion behind the relationship. He has won many awards like WPPI Luxury Wedding Photographer for his exemplary contribution in the field of photography. You should hire him if you are looking for a romantic wedding. You can reach him out through his Instagram handle. He is on the list of South Asian Preferred Vendor list as well.

Things to consider before choosing wedding photographers in Toronto

As we all know, selecting a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions. Your choice should be perfect. You cannot afford to mess up with this thing. It is not only for Toronto but in general. There are certain criteria that you can consider while choosing your wedding photographer.

1. Budget: The very first thing you should decide before making any decision is your budget. For instance, you are doing a private wedding in a low key way, and you have a budget between $1,000-$2,000.

2. Hire a Local: If you are doing a local wedding in the GTA area then you should hire a photographer who is Toronto-based and is aware of the area, parks, and other nearby locations. A local will be full of ideas and location variations. It will give you enough options to select your wedding shoot locations.

3. Shortlist the online portfolios: We advise you to have more than five portfolios to make a better choice. While shortlisting, use the filter options of the range and distance. It will give you a refined list.

4. Final Meeting: Make sure you do enough research about these shortlisted candidates. First of all, do check their style of photography. Check the number of wedding shoots they have done. Are they award winners? Do they match your style of photography? Do they have good reviews? When you get your answers, it means you are ready to meet the candidates.

5. Reviews are Important: People in Toronto are serious about reviews. They read the reviews first before buying anything or taking any services. The honest reviews here help you make a better judgment of them.

6. Be specific and ask detailed questions: It is your wedding and you have every right to ask them as many questions as you can. Your satisfaction should be their prime motive. For example, how many years of experience they have? Will one person shoot or more than one? Are they prepared for weather conditions like rain, snow, thunderstorms, etc., or small and minute group shots of a joint family? Also, ask them if they have any backup equipment? Are there any additional costs involved besides their package? How long would it take to deliver the album and videos?

7. Go for a Professional Photographer: So, in Toronto, many amateur photographers are available through Kijiji, and some are known to the family. It is good to save money but, it is your big day and you don’t want any screw-ups on your day. We advise you to hire a professional and always check their website, testimonials, and social media handles to check their authenticity.

8. Go for References: References will give you an idea about that photographer. Make sure you ask for a minimum of 2 references so you can call them and verify it.


We are sure, with this list and suggestions, your hunt to find the best photographer will surely end here. 

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