17 Wedding Planners In Canada To Check Out For That Dream Soiree

By Divya Arora .

Whether you’re planning for a destination wedding or are based there, Canada is a hub that largely witnesses Indian weddings. Right from extravagant soirees to close-knit and warm Anand Karaj ceremonies, a Canadian canvas is always drenched in happy Indian wedding colors.

Speaking of weddings, as much of an exciting journey it is, planning a wedding is legit tedious and nerve racking and sometimes to a point that it gets way too stressful for the couple to even enjoy this phase. But, that’s exactly where your experts and allies—wedding planners come to your rescue. For how they breathe life into your wedding dreams without letting you stress over any detail is simply unparalleled.

So, if you’re someone who’s planning to get married in Canada soon and looking for a wedding planner there itself, you’ve got to stick with us until the end. Apart from enlisting the top wedding planners in Canada down below, we’ve also curated a quick guide to help you pick out the one that resonates with your wedding desires the most.

Best Wedding Planners In Canada

While a lot of wedding planners are always willing to travel globally, this list caters to all the to-be-weds who’re looking for a team that’s based in Canada specifically. And hence we’ve rounded of some of the best wedding planners in Canada, that you must check out!

1. One Fine Day

Owned by Melissa Samborski and comprising of a team of experienced and creative planning experts, ‘One Fine Day’ is undoubtedly one of the best wedding planners in Canada. Bringing couples’ wedding vision to life all over the world, this planning boutique is known for curating events that boast of their own unique charm.

From extravagant and luxe ceremonies to close-knit warm ones, they cater to all kinds of events and wedding nuptials. With a keen eye for even the tiniest of details and knack for infusing highly elaborate elements, they plan and curate a personalized experience for the couple to cherish for a lifetime.

Planner: One Fine Day

2. Chic Events by Sonia

Specializing in luxury events and weddings, ‘Chic Events by Sonia’ is that one go-to wedding planner in Canada you need for a soiree that’s tailored to perfection especially for you. Whether it’s for flawless coordination & execution or planning & designing your wedding from scratch, Sonia and her team makes sure that your big day is at its most memorable & seamless best!

From scouting the perfect venue and vendors to planning even the tiniest details, they do everything with a view to give every couple the wedding of their dreams in the most unique way. With ‘attention to detail’ as their belief and motto, they curate weddings that are a true reflection of the couple and resonates with their heart!

3. Paras Events

With a design process that aims at creating a personalized experience for the couple to rejoice in, Paras Events caters to your wedding dreams in a unique fashion. From enlisting your preferences and ideas to bringing that vision to life with their creative expertise, this team of event planners is what you need.

For how infuse together the latest trends with their ideologies and work is unparalleled which makes them one of the top wedding planners in Canada. Whether it’s providing decor and design consultations to the couple or planning and executing every bit of their wedding, they do it all and how!

Planner: Paras Events

4. Always & Forever Weddings

One of the best wedding planners in Canada, ‘Always & Forever Weddings’ helps in dedicatedly planning the big day for couples just how they’d envisioned. With different plans to cater to different wedding planning needs viz, Month of Coordination Package, Full Planning Package, and Destination Wedding Package, the team surely has every couple’s wedding needs sorted!

Whether it’s the on-site coordination, planning and designing the soiree from square one, or being your support system throughout  your destination wedding, you cannot ask for better allies than this team!

5. A Stylish Event by Ishita

Founded by Ishita Kalia-Hayer, ‘A Stylish Event’ is a wedding planning company whose sole aim is to weave their couples a wedding that they’ve always dreamt of. And of course, without letting you stress about anything! What makes these wedding planners in Canada stand out are their kinds of unique packages.

Packages like Wedding Planning 101, Day of Perfection, Full Service Planning, Luxury Planning Package, and Destination Wedding Management have been specially curated  for couples to choose from as per their needs. So whether yours is a traditional ceremony or a contemporary one, whether yours is a big fat wedding or an intimate one, Ishita and her team of experienced professionals have got you covered.

6. Blue Lavender Events

With Iris Li, owner & lead planner, and her team of experts, ‘Blue Lavender Events’ is an A-one event planning boutique that’s been turning couples’ wedding dreams into reality since years. Apart from their effortless & seamless working style & execution, these planners are celebrated for the way they blend their design aesthetics with the couple’s truest persona.

Right from full planning and event design to month of coordination and partial planning, they offer different services to couples to pick the one that best strikes a chord with them. They house a team of experts that guide a couple from beginning to end, design a soiree that’s an experience in itself, and make the entire planning process smooth and fun for the couple. Because honestly, as a couple you’re meant to enjoy this phase of your life without any stress, and these wedding planners in Canada would surely make it memorable for you!

7. Alicia Keats Wedding + Events

From complete wedding planning services to event design and wedding day management services, Alicia Keats and her team are some of the best wedding planners in Canada. Whether it’s effortlessly managing logistics, curating your day dream from scratch, fashioning extraordinary designs that are a reflection of the couple etc., they do it all and how!

They make it a point to cater to who you are as a person and as a couple together and then create a wedding that’s oozing with everything that resonates with your wedding desires. They work tirelessly to make your wedding a dream that you can cherish for a lifetime!

Planner: Alicia Keats

8. Fab Fête Planning Boutique

Founded by Michelle Garber, Fab Fête Planning Boutique is loved for having a keen eye for details that makes a wedding stand out. Whether it’s scouting the best venue, crafting an extraordinary theme and design, or incorporating the couple and their tale in the elements, the finesse of their work is at par.

With ‘providing honest & helpful direction to the clients’ as its guiding philosophy, Fab Fête provides services that are executed to a tee. They believe is establishing a deep connection with their clients to be able to perfectly understand them and their wedding desires before bringing their visions to life. They also have an extensive database of Toronto’s best wedding vendors which is obviously a plus for any couple who needs help with finding vendors too!

9. Wedecor

One of the premium wedding planners in Canada, ‘Wedecor’ specializes in both upscale and intimate weddings; along with corporate events & fundraisers. Their main aim is to make your wedding planning journey as seamless and stress-free as possible but of course, in style.

Their dedicated team of professionals work as strong support systems from beginning to the end whilst curating you a wedding that’s straight out of dreams. Apart from different packages as per different requirements for the couples, Wedecor also takes pride in their in-house print franchise and exclusive line of custom inventory boasting of unique elemental decor!

Planner: Wedecor

10. Bisous Events

Headed by Jessica Auvray along wit Kat Gamis, ‘Bisous Events’ is one of the best wedding planners in Canada that caters to all kinds of a wedding celebration needs of a couple. Whether you require only consultations or partial planning, or full management from beginning to the end, this team has a lot of services to offer. Right from design and execution to taking care of rentals and logistics, Bisous Events are going to be your allies throughout!

Keeping things classic with an unmatched finesse and without overdoing them is their aesthetic style that strikes a chord with every couple’s heart. Their prowess of infusing together their ideas with the couple’s expectations whimsically makes them stand out and an absolute favorite.

Planner: Bisous Events

11. French Kiss Events

‘French Kiss Events’ was founded by Barb Walker in 2010 and has been satiating its couples’ wedding desires through their designs and work ever since. As a full service wedding & design company, they are dedicated to creating experiences (and not just ceremonies) for to-be-weds to reminisce for a lifetime.

Whether its an elopement, an intimate wedding, or big fat soiree, the team of French Kiss Events cater to all kinds of shenanigans and in an unforgettable way. For them, it all lies in small details and that’s exactly why you can count on them for they’re going to make sure that every aspect of your wedding is in sync with each other and you!

12. Rachel A. Clingen

If voguish and fabulous resonates with your aesthetics and sensibilities then ‘Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design’ should be your go-to. Famous for curating trending, luxurious, and quintessential weddings for almost 30 years now, these wedding planners in Canada would be the only savior you’d need!

With a strong team of planners and designers, they have been creating extravagant events that are an epitome of flawless execution without compromising on the aesthetics. What makes them stand out is their inventory of decor products curated over the decades that saves the clients’ time and effort spent on sourcing. With a passion and flair for bringing the couple’s vision to life together with their flamboyant style, this wedding design company should definitely make it your list!

13. Love by Lynzie Events & Design

A wedding planning company that let’s you celebrate your happiness whilst they do all the work, ‘Love by Lynzie Events & Design’ are undoubtedly one of the best wedding planners in Canada you can choose. With years of experience, creativity and art, and a passion for creating dreamy revelries, the team promises a seamless and joyous celebration that’s going to make every heart go “woah!”

While they’ve got different packages to offer that a couple can choose from as per their requirements, they’ll happily curate you a customize package that’ll suit you the best!


14. The Design Co.

An exclusive team of planners and florists, ‘The Design Co.’ offers full planning, event design, and custom floral services all under one roof. Which means that there’d be no need for you to look elsewhere for any single thing. This team is going to be your savior for even the tiniest of details and honestly, they’re all you’d need for your celebration.

Their key focus while planning and designing an event is on experience and innovation and that ideology exactly forms a strong base on which they’ve been curating unique events since forever.

Planner: The Design Co.

15. Eventopia Weddings & Events

Known for creating weddings that are drenched in opulence and style, ‘Eventopia Weddings & Events’ are an ace go-to wedding planner in Canada that you must check out. Whether intimate or grand, whether in your hometown or at some exotic destination, they undertake all kinds of weddings (along with corporate events & more).

From the beginning until the very end, they’re going to stick by you and do all the hard work whilst making sure that you enjoy this best time of your life to the fullest. And of course, in the dreamiest way possible!

16. DreamGroup Weddings + Events

A team of experienced wedding planners that’ll make the wedding planning journey an enjoyable experience in itself for you, ‘DreamGroup Weddings & Events’ is undoubtedly one of the best to work with. Aiming at making a celebration “ridiculously amazing” they make sure that your wedding is an actual representation of you and all that you love while being of course, stylish & opulent!

Concocted with the client’s wedding vision and a knack for paying attention to the details, the team uses its creative geniuses and knowledge in a way that every wedding is unique and highly personal to every couple and their desires.

17. Filosophi Events

Offering a variety of planning and designing services tailor-made to suit every to-be-wed out there, ‘Filosophi Events’ are one of the top wedding planners in Canada. From their understanding of a couple’s nerve racking situation—when embarking on a wedding planning journey—stemmed this event company that literally eases it all for their clients.

They’re not just hard working and creative planners who’ll curate for you a wedding of your dreams but, would be your companion throughout and live every bit of it with you, for you. They’re going to be your support systems until the end while making sure that you revel in this phase of your life without any stress.

How To Select Best Wedding Planners In Canada

As essential as hiring a wedding planner is, it is equally important to choose the one that’s right for you and your celebration. Which is why it is necessary to keep a few things in mind before finalizing a planner.


Do your research well and well in advance because it’s a time taking process. Right from checking their online presence and their work portfolio, skim through planners that befit your style and vision.


Yet another thing to take care of while choosing a wedding planner is your budget and how much are you willing to spend.


Wedding planners around the globe offer different packages and services that are priced differently and cater to specific wedding needs. Right from partial planning and on-the-day-coordination to event design, full planning, customized package, and just consultations, the packages are a lot. Decide on the kind of services you’d require for your wedding!


Communication plays a vital role in all forms of human relationship and hence, easy and strong communication base is one factor that must be taken into account. Choose a wedding planner where the communication flows easily and there’s a mutual understanding from both the ends. It’s also important to mesh well with your planner so that you can work towards the same goal together like companions.


With this list of the top wedding planners in Canada and a guide along with to pick the one that strikes a chord with your heart, we bet the journey from here is only going to be one joyous ride and nothing less!

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