10 Ways To Plan Your Wedding During Lockdown

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

In the light of the novel coronavirus, couples are either postponing, canceling their wedding, or getting married in a rather intimate setup at home while ensuring the safety of their guests.

If you are someone who is already engaged and is planning to get married soon, then you will be wondering how your wedding plans will be impacted by COVID 19. But rather than just stressing out, below we have listed down a few ways in which you can use this extra time to plan your wedding effectively and efficiently during this lockdown.

1. Research, Research & Research

As now you have enough time to research for your wedding and explore ideas for decor, makeup, etc.

2. Find Your Wedding Lehenga Online

As we all know, most of the wedding expos and shows are postponed, you can still use this time to do online research and bookmark your favorites. 

3. Rejuvenate & Prep Your Skin With Home Remedies

As now you have plenty of time because of the pandemic, use this time to prep your bridal skin with homemade masks.

4. You Can Still Do Venue Research

We know you can’t do venue recces, but how about deciding on a venue by just seeing photos and videos? If you are not satisfied, try and shorten your recce list to the top 3-4 venues so you don’t have to go and visit many places. 

5. Find Vendors Online

If you are booking vendors online, make sure you know about their cancellation and refund policies, so there won’t be a problem even if you have to postpone the wedding to a later date.

With so many weddings being postponed, you never know you get lucky and get a discount from the vendor.

6. Use FaceTime Effectively

Try and schedule all your vendor meetings on FaceTime to use this time effectively.

7. Consult A Dietician To Stay Fit

You can get in touch with a dietician or follow an online diet to stay fit during the lockdown.

Practicing yoga and eating healthy will also make you stay fit and shine on your wedding day.

8. Wedding Invitations

Now that you have enough time to design your wedding invitations, make sure you experiment with motifs, monograms, illustrations, etc. You can also add your real-life elements to give it a special touch.

Illustrator: Ameer Ali

9. Bookmark Wedding Inspiration

You might not get this much time ever to plan your wedding ahead. Bookmark as much as possible.

10. Practice Your Bridal Performance

Planning a solo dance or a dance with your bridesmaids? It’s the right time to practice as much as possible. For a group dance, how about practicing on a Zoom video call with your bridesmaids?


About The Author

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