Top 45 Wedding Themes In 2020

By Divya Arora .

While a wedding’s essence is about solemnizing the love and the bond that the couple shares in cultural rituals, a wedding actually is more than that. It is about celebrating that union like one crazy party with your loved ones and in a way that resonates with you and your relationship’s selves. It’s about starting that new phase of your life in the best & heartiest way that you’d cherish for a lifetime. And for that, envisioning the kind of wedding or the wedding theme you want to mark this special part of your life with is the key.

And when we say “the kind of”, we mean the one that connects to your heart the most because with so many wedding themes leaving you spoilt for choices, picking “your kind” isn’t a cakewalk. Hence, to help you in deciding upon a wedding theme for your soiree, we curated a list of some of the top wedding themes that are or have always been a huge fad.

45 Best Wedding Themes

Be it rustic, shimmery, the classic Bollywood or all floral, glamorous, vintage, etc., the choices are endless. And while we’re going to brim your inspiration kitties with such distinctive and popular themes we’ve also made a quick guide that’ll make choosing a theme for you a lot easier.
Let’s get scrolling!

1. Forest or Gardenia

A theme that has been a rage for quite a while now, nature or garden centric weddings are a hit. Be it setting up a mandap right in a forest or curating an entire garden indoors, there are so many ways to go about this. And well, you can further amp it all up by choosing your looks, favors, invitations, etc., accordingly. For the decor, infuse a lot of foliage and florals together in the form of backdrops, ceilings, mandaps, or quirky corners. Deck them up with lights, candles, chandeliers and other elemental decor.

2. Shimmer & Bling

If you’re always mesmerized with shimmery & shiny elements and bling is your thing then, this is the wedding theme that you should be planning out. While you can choose unique shimmery elements, crystal strings, glitter or sequin drapes and tablescapes, fairy lights etc., for the decor, slip into those stunning glimmering outfits too. Outfits in metallic hues laden with sequin or mirror work or gota patti work, invitations & stationery accentuated with silver or gold calligraphy, gota themed bridal seating etc., the options to explore are endless.

Planner: DreamzKrraft

3. Bollywood Drama

This is one of the most popular wedding themes and for a reason obviously. Growing up watching Bollywood movies and crushing over the stars, there’s no way a big Bollywood buff would give this theme a miss. And no, this isn’t just about the music but, also about incorporating themed elements in your decor.

Planner: DreamzKrraft

4. Harry Potter

Yes, the books and the movies have been over a long time ago but let’s face it, Harry Potter never really gets over, isn’t it? The magic stays, always! And if you’re a Potterhead, you really cannot miss out on this top trendy wedding theme. Right from the decor to the potter magic food and drinks spread, there’s literally so much you can do!

5. A Glamorous Affair

Ceilings festooned with flowy drapes and chandeliers, gold accents highlighting the place, fancy candelabras and centerpieces adding that edge and ambient lighting setting up the mood! Well, this surely defines a space created with glamour and some luxe! If this is something that suites your tastes, then a glamorous theme is what you need for your wedding.

6. Boho Chic

Not far away from rustic theme, the boho wedding theme is more about going all eclectic and unique while matching colors and elements. Dreamcatchers, tassels, macramé, fringed cascading elements, lots of whites, photo frames, distinctive rugs and seatings, colored pieces and multi-hued florals are some of the things that makes up for a boho decor.

7. Rustic Themed Wedding

A rustic or raw wedding theme, on the other hand, is more about natural and earthy elements and hues. One of the most popular wedding themes, a rustic themed decor can be setup using wooden furniture, twigs and branches, blossoms, foliage, lace & jute and of course, pretty lights. Go for a flower decked naked wedding cake, subtle hued outfits and floral invitations along with.

Decor: Aash Studio

8. Mirror Theme

One of the latest wedding themes to be loved by couples, mirrors are quite in trend. Though mirror-work has been prevalent in outfits since like forever now, mirrors have been marking the decor territory in such an exquisite manner. Right from mirrored mandaps and backdrops to centerpieces, ceilings, installations and corners and even wedding photography, there are ample ways to incorporate them in your wedding!

Decor: Aash Studio

9. Tropical Fiesta

For an outdoor ceremony, going tropical makes up for one of the best wedding themes ever! While you can go all colorful and easy-breezy on your outfits for this theme, there’s so much you can do with the decor. Fresh flowers and fruits, lush greens, flamingo themed elements, tropical prints, a themed bar, etc., coupled with fun games and massages, this theme is only gonna be all about having that chiller time. Also, don’t forget watercolor or floral invitations and stationery and that flower decked wedding cake.

10. Go Gold

Gold is one gorgeous hue to theme your wedding around. Be it in the decor, your wedding looks, your wedding invitations or even your wedding cake, going stark gold on a subtle base of ivory or beige is surely a hit!

11. All Floral

Going heavy on florals is highly preferred by couples and we’ve seen this wedding theme with pictures that are nothing less than a visual treat to the eyes. Be it the stage or the mandap heavily laden with florals, corners and centerpieces marking the decor, the wedding cake and invitations or the couple’s outfits, going strongly floral can genuinely look amazing if put together thoughtfully.

Image: Naman Verma

12. Minimalism On Point

Minimalism is not only a wedding theme but also a way of life and we’ve seen a lot of couples opting to go minimal with their wedding shenanigans. Be it a simple bamboo mandap with littlest of decorations or wearing minimal looks while donning the most lightweight outfits, a minimal wedding theme always enchants everyone!

Image: Naman Verma

Decor: Atisuto

13. Desi Punjabi Vibes

Full with dynamic hues, quirky Punjabi elements, delectable food and booze, and upbeat music, a Punjabi wedding theme should be all about that boisterous energy in every manner.

Planner: The Doli Diary

14. Moroccan Theme

Pertaining to being one of the best wedding themes off late, a Moroccan theme exudes a warm and royal aura like no other. For starters, a Moroccan theme is all about patterns, rich hues and textiles, cascading elements, comfy pouf style seating, and other classy elements. Incorporating Moroccan lamps & lanterns, rugs, patterned dance floors and stages, drapes, and candles is how you should envision this theme.

15. Nautical Theme

A highly personalized theme, this distinctiveness surely stands apart from the rest. Done in sorbet hues of blues and white coupled with other sea elements, further enhance it up with minimal hints of a bright hue to bring that spark to the theme.

Decor: Altair

Decor: Altair

16. Summery Shenanigans

A summery wedding theme is all about curating rejuvenating vibes that are a breath of fresh air. Of course, the colors to experiment with are a lot, for instance yellows, blues, pinks, peaches, lilacs and white or even brighter ones but, the aim is to create an ambiance that’s breezy, comfy, and sets a rather lighter and heartier mood!

17. Go All White

Having your nuptials drenched in the serenity and calmness of white makes up for a pretty unique and offbeat wedding theme. Right from the decor to your outfits, you can have your entire soiree look pristine. Top it all off with a subtle dash of beige and gold to accentuate it in a way that it looks almost divine.

18. Poolside Fun

As much of a fun celebration a poolside soiree is, it’s decor and complementing couple looks are equally amazing. Go either all pastel-hued or all vibrant and peppy, incorporate fun games, deck up the pool too or have a floating mandap, the options are abundant. For pre and post wedding ceremonies pick quirky and unique hued outfits to create a fun and distinctive look.

19. Greenhouse Charm

A dreamy and romantic take on nature-themed wedding, this surely counts for being one of the most unique wedding themes! An elegant setting curated using lots of lights, greens, and pretty table settings, we’re totally crushing over this one!

20. Light It Up

While lights play a damn important role in all kinds of wedding decor, a decor that boasts of abundant lights creating a world of their own is unparalleled. Right from candles and lanterns to fairy lights, miniature bulbs, and chandeliers, you literally can include everything together. However, hosting this kinda wedding theme needs proper planning because you surely don’t want to go blinding your guests because of poorly managed light decor, right?

Decor: Altair

21. Pretty Pastels

The world can never be thankful enough for those gorgeous pastel shades frankly. It is one of the most loved wedding themes with pictures always turning out to be charming! Right from the decor and outfits to every single aspect of your wedding, everything coordinating in those sorbet hues is going to be a treat to the eyes.

Planner: DreamzKrraft

22. Fine Dine & Classy

Go all lavish and sophisticated with a decor that speaks of fancy tableware, elegant centerpieces, graceful floral decorations, and a cozy warm setting. While the groom slips into a classic black tux or an ivory sherwani, the brides can pick a lehenga or a gown marked with bling paired up with diamond jewellery and voila, it’s all set!

23. Mystical Aura

Step into the realms of divinity and holy ceremonies by going all mystical and heavenly with your wedding theme. A decor that soothes people’s hearts and couple looks that’ll take their breaths away is what this top trendy wedding theme is all about.

24. Traditional Gala

Go all classic and timeless with a traditional decor marked with roses, tuberoses, marigolds, and lotuses. Pick for your looks a classic red bridal lehenga and an ivory or gold sherwani. It’s an all time wedding theme and has a charm of its own.

Decor: Aash Studio

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

25. Flora & Fauna

A theme that’s perfect for animal or nature lovers, this theme is all about abundant florals and animals. Be it in the form of quirky installations in the decor, intricate motifs in outfits and accessories or infusing them into cakes or mehndi designs, the ways are umpteen.

Planner: Event Tadka

26. Dreamy Disneyland

Let’s face it, we all (especially the 90s kids) still hold a special place in our hearts for all those Disney characters and fairytale stories. And what better way to celebrate the day that you’ve been dreaming of than to do it in Disney style. While the world has already witnessed Indian weddings being hosted at the Disneyland itself, creating a Disney world at your own wedding is possible too. While you opt for a Disney themed decor, make sure to slip in a rather princessy gown for one of your ceremonies to live a fairytale of your own.

Planner: MPIRE

27. Mughal Elegance

Crafted with bespoke regal vibes, a Mughal wedding theme is the one that looks absolutely stunning and plush! A Mughal decor would include drapes & upholstery marked with mughal motifs, the structures done in dome shapes, minarets and cupolas, and would include elements like Mughal era vessels, candelabras, votives and flowers.

Planner: Horizon Wie

28. Romance Everywhere

A romantic wedding theme is all about playing with the color palette and flowers. And of course, dreamy elements and fairy lights! Pinks, peaches, nudes, crimson, and lavender are some colors that you can go for. Mix and match them, team them up with white and hints of foliage, add classy elements, top it off with lights and you’re good to go!

29. Rajasthani

Yes, a Rajasthani mela theme isn’t something new but, it undoubtedly is one of the best wedding themes and of course, a popular one too. Colorful decor marked with Rajasthani upholstery & drapes, puppets, colorful umbrellas, and other traditional elements surely gets everybody in a cheery mood. Fun live stations and Rajasthani favor stalls keep people entertained while adding multi-folds to the entire theme. And oh, let’s not forget the authentic Rajasthani food that you can include in your menu!

30. Game of Thrones

Well, if you fall under the niche of GOT lovers, then a wedding or at least a ceremony themed around it is a must! And believe us when we say that this really is one of the most popular wedding themes. In fact, don’t just stick to incorporating Game of Thrones elements in your decor but have that cocktail menu customized or keep a dress code accordingly too.

Image: Fotowalle

31. Vibrant & Colorful

If you’re all about brighter hues and spirited self, there’s no way you can go wrong with peppy and dynamic colors. Be it pink, red, orange, purple, green, yellow or blue, the palette is huge. While you go about having your decor done in such hues, you can opt for multi-colored outfits for your looks or color contrast quite creatively.

Planner: Wizkim Wedding

32. Eco-Friendly

Going eco-friendly has become a rage in the recent times and delightfully so! Going zero or minimal on wastage, DIY-ing elements or incorporating decor pieces that have been upcycled is mind-blowing quite literally. Be it your wedding invitations, the favors, the decor, or even that sagan ka lifafa, each and every element can be environment friendly!

33. Palace Wedding

Getting married in a palace is nothing less than a dream for so many and makes up for one crazy royal wedding theme! Decking up those plush properties boasting of clear skies and scenic backdrops is one dreamy way of tying the knot.

34. Cherry Blossom

Being one of the latest wedding themes and of course a highly adored one, we just had to include it! While you can drench yourselves in pretty sorbet hues and a tad bit of bling, having your decor breathing in the aroma of pretty cherry blossoms is a damn appealing idea, isn’t it? And well, a cherry blossom wedding cake doesn’t sound bad either!

35. Fairytale Wonderland

Step into the world of a whimsical wonderland that’s straight out of your dreams and is all about dreamy and LIT elemental decor, glimmering couple outfits, fairy lights, and a huge beauteous wedding cake.

36. Vintage Theme

This wedding theme is all about incorporating the classic charm into your wedding. It exudes the perfect romantic whiff and includes a decent blend of rustic and glam elements!

37. Circus / Carnival

If you want your soiree to be one crazy fun party for all your guests to remember for a lifetime, a circus or carnival themed wedding should be your go to. While there’s a lot that can be incorporated in the decor, you can experiment with your looks too and go all eclectic and edgy with your outfits.

Decor: Aash Studio

38. DIY It

Perfect for your home ceremonies with intimate vibes, DIY-ing your own wedding along with your family and friends is an altogether different kinda fun. Of course, it’s time taking and needs a lot of sourcing elements but, it’ll surely make your wedding more special for you. Right from painted trunks, kettles, and tyres, to cascading garlands, edgy elements, backdrops, and origami, there are way too many options to set up your decor with.

Decor: Altair

39. All About Grandeur

Right from a spacious and huge venue marked with a humongous mandap or stage and grand decorations to expensive wedding invitations, loads of favors and couple in exuberant looks, everything about this theme screams luxurious and opulence. If you’re lucky on the budget and a big fat Indian wedding is what you desire then make sure it’s one hell of a gala!

40. Beachside

A beachside ceremony is as fun and dreamy as a poolside one only it’s much serene and boasts of vast skies and a surreal oceanic backdrop. The decor can be pastel hued or vibrant or both blended together. The outfits can be as soothing and subtle as bright and noisy; it’s all about how you envision it.

41. Dark-Hued Charm

A wedding designed around dark hues like reds or maroon, blues, greens or even black mingled with gold makes up for an edgy wedding theme.

42. Formal Event

Resonating mostly with a Christian ceremony or a cross cultural wedding, the formal wedding style is all about going minimal and infusing lots of whites, lush greens, classy table settings and of course, candles!

43. Quirk It Up

Slip into quirky and edgy outfits, opt for quirky elemental decor and add that tinch of “out of the box” to your wedding.

Decor: Fireflies

44. Fall Wedding

Marked with earthy hues that are coupled with oranges, yellows, crimson, and dusky tones, a fall wedding theme is one of the most unique wedding themes. Teaming it all up with some raw elements and lights and choosing wedding looks that complement those hues perfectly is how you should plan such a theme.

45. LED Themed

Technical advancements paved a way into the wedding industry and we couldn’t be more grateful for that. Right from the lit up entrances and the huge monograms to the stage backdrops, creating these elements with LED adds a unique edge to your wedding that’ll unquestionably make your guests go “wow!”

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

How To Select Best Wedding Theme For Your Wedding

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while finalizing your wedding theme.

The Budget
The first step to planning your wedding is always deciding on the budget. The more elaborate and huge the wedding theme is the more budget it’ll require. Also, it’s also gonna help you plan your elements accordingly.

Location / Venue
The place where you want to get married at matters a lot! Is it some location that you’ve always dreamt of? Do you want to get married at your home’s backyard? Would you want it to be outdoors or indoors? Ask yourself such questions to figure out where exactly you would want to tie the knot!

Season Check
The season plays a very crucial role in laying the base for your soiree. If it’s a summer wedding you might want to opt for breezy and refreshing hues or a tropical wedding theme. If it’s a winter wedding then you can opt for rather bold themes for your night ceremonies and quirky ones for the day time.

The Game of Trends
Now of course, every wedding season witnesses new trends marking their presence and a few old ones dwindling down. What you have to decide is if you want to follow the trends or go all classic with something that’s timeless or just simply what your heart wants!

The Personal Aspect
Delve deeper into yourself and your relationship to figure out what strikes a chord with your heart. There’s no point in having a wedding that’s just stylish or upbeat but doesn’t connect with you or your partner. Also, try exploring a wedding theme that matches your style or your favorite color palette.

Inspiration Moodboards
Start digging into Pinterest and online wedding portal’s Instagrams and bookmark your favorites. Make a digital collage of those images or take out their printouts and collate or stick them over a board and see how they look together. Seeing them all coming together in this way will help you realize what all you can further add or take away from the look.

Take Help
There’s no harm in taking help from your family or friends or someone who has been in your shoes previously. Looking at things from another perspective is never wrong and in fact, you might just come across an idea that would work wonders for your wedding theme.

Hire A Planner
If planning the entire wedding all by yourself gets too stressful for you it’s always good to hire a wedding planner. Give them all the ideas and your inspiration boards and they’d definitely come up with a theme that’ll make you go “yaasss!”

Now that you know so many of the latest and popular wedding themes and specifically, how to choose one amongst the lot, we’re guessing you’re all set to getting married!

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