A Blissful Wedding Trailer To Make You Believe In All Things Hope & Love

By Divya Arora .

Remember the times when you were just going about your lives and suddenly you chanced upon a quote, a photograph, a moment or a story that swept you back into the hopeful corners of your heart? Remember how it opened your heart with happiness for it restored your faith in miracles, destined to be, and love?! We’re sure you’ve been there even if it was for a teeny-weeny fleeting moment.

Well, we’re reminiscing over such hearty and impacting instances because we came across a wedding trailer by The Wedding Filmer that does exactly that!


A magnificent blend of the soul that The Wedding Filmer breathes into their films every time and Mayesha & Sheahan’s tale of togetherness, this story truly makes you believe in the power of prayers and the Universe fulfilling them for you!

And nothing complements their story as exceptionally as TWF original track “Meri Yaadein” which speaks of everything that makes you who you are today and everything that the future holds with your perfect one!

Penned down by Anushree Gupta & composed along with Sukanti Roy, re-arranged by Kingshuk Chakravarty with soulful vocals by Yashika Sikka & Raghav Meattle, the song will brim your hearts with happiness for sure!


Check out the video here and of course, don’t stop praying because prayers definitely get answered and wishes do come true!


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